The little girl's guide to entrepreneurship

what I know now that I sure wish I knew then

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The Little Girl’s Guide to Entrepreneurship, by Emily McHugh, is all substance and no fluff, serving as the perennial insider’s reference guide about what all entrepreneurs and startups need to know about business. With a focus on small business owners and startups, not only can this book change your business, but can also change your life.

"The Path to entrepreneurship starts with a mindset."

Designed to help all girls, women, little boys, men, – people - from the Millennial Entrepreneur to the Baby Boomer Entrepreneur. For those embarking on the entrepreneurial journey, The Little Girl’s Guide to Entrepreneurship provides inspiration, guidance, and a startup checklist to start and grow an entrepreneurial venture. It is the goal of this book to make it easier for someone to better understand, and eventually decide, whether being an entrepreneur is an option worthy of further pursuit, and to know the right questions to ask. It is often said: “If I knew then what I know now….” well, now you will know.

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This book is over five years in the making and written by Casauri's Founder Emily McHugh from experiences gained in over fifteen years as an entrepreneur. A combination of autobiography and lessons learned in entrepreneurship, Author Emily McHugh takes you on a journey starting with the seeds of entrepreneurship that were planted at an early age on a farm in Jamaica to the founding of her award-winning design company Casauri.
Emily distills the essence of entrepreneurship in its purest form and reveals insights from hard won lessons and experiences that can save new and seasoned entrepreneurs time and money. She expertly highlights the keys to business success and provides tangible examples from how to price your product to knowing how to be profitable. This book will add value from the classroom to the boardroom and is written to enlighten and inform on the key factors of the entrepreneurial mindset.

This book includes discussions on:
- The art of negotiation
- Brand building
- Setting benchmarks
- Break even and ratio analysis
- Insights on selecting a manufacturer
- Prioritizing opportunities

In addition, The Little Girls' Guide to Entrepreneurship highlights what it truly takes to become a successful entrepreneur - at any age. This is a timely book that speaks to the core of what people need to know who are considering starting a business or who are already in business and need a new perspective.

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