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I look forward to your feedback and comments on the blog posts. Do let me know what topics resonate most with you and what other topics you would find valuable. 

I look forward to your feedback and comments on the blog posts. Do let me know what topics resonate most with you and what other topics you would find valuable. 

Entrepreneurs Celebrating National Popcorn Day You may be wondering what lessons can popcorn really teach entrepreneurs? Well, it so happens, popcorn can teach us quite a lot. If you think about the kernel of a popcorn, it is the essence of entrepreneurship. A seemingly inert substance that sits in dormancy, yet full of potential, until […]

Emily's Think Tank

January 19, 2022

Lessons Popcorn Can Teach Entrepreneurs

Business Books to Help Entrepreneurs Grow Their Businesses The top books for entrepreneurs to read can become a really long list. Therefore, my goal is to create a resource of books that I have personally read and found to be valuable through my entrepreneurial journey. This list is by no means exhaustive. However, it includes […]

Entrepreneurship Resources

January 17, 2022

Top Books for Entrepreneurs

Super Charge Your Time Do you want to learn more effective time management techniques and how to building a business on pockets of time? In this episode, we will Super Charge Your Time with Life and Productivity Coach Leslie Boyd, who teaches women how to build a profitable business using the time they have and […]

Super Charge Sunday

January 17, 2022

Building a Business on Pockets of Time

Leslie Boyd Life & Productivity Coach

Confidence grows when you show up and know your value, staying true to your brand promise, understanding the fundamentals of marketing that include a clear vision, core values of what you represent and who you want to attract, and how to build relationships with others based on trust.

Super Charge Sunday

January 8, 2022

Make Your Dream Business a Reality

Christabel Flaherty, The Marketing Muse, Super Charge Sunday

Everything About You Speaks Super Charge Your Style Do you know what your style is says about you? It says more than you could possibly imagine. Image and Interior Stylist Specialist, Kristina Pernfors shares insights on why your style matters as it communicates your message. She highlights integrated style and the basics of shape, color, […]

Super Charge Sunday

October 10, 2021

Why Style Matters

Super Charge Sunday - Kristina Pernfors

Super Charge Your Workforce Now more than ever, employees need outlets to relax and just breathe. Yoga, which means “yoke” or “unite” in Hindi, the connection of mind, body, and spirit, is one of those outlets that can really make a difference. Briana Nielsen, Yogi and Human Resource Director of Remetronix in Port St. Lucie, […]

Super Charge Sunday

September 26, 2021

The Benefits of Yoga at Work and Beyond

The Compensation Struggle When it comes to compensation, so many entrepreneurs struggle with knowing what to charge, when to charge, and how much to charge. Some struggle with charging at all! Why is it such a struggle and challenge to know how to be compensated? It goes back to the core of identity, who you […]

Emily's Think Tank

August 29, 2021

Is Compensation an Art or Science?

Welcome to my new blog series – “Emily’s Think Tank”! This is motivated by my Super Charge Weekly Email Newsletter where I have been sharing insights based on the Super Charge Thought of the Week. I always start off by sharing a… Super Charge Thought: “If you’re not enough without it, you’ll never be enough […]

Emily's Think Tank

August 21, 2021

The Indomitable Entrepreneur – Lessons from the Olympics to Overcome Obstacles

Cool Runnings Movie Photo

Do you want to learn tips on how to use social media more effectively to grow your business? If so, then watch this Super Charge Episode with the Systems Automation Strategist Rafal Z Widejko of Simple Proven Method. In order for a business to be scalable, it needs systems in place to create efficiencies. Rafal […]

Super Charge Sunday

August 15, 2021

How to Use Social Media for Your Business with Proven Automation & Systems

How to select an upholsterer? How to upholstery DIY your sofa? If you ever find yourself asking these questions, then watch today’s episode of Super Charge Sunday where Helena McHugh (my sister!) will share her expertise on this topic.

Super Charge Sunday

June 28, 2021

Upholstery 101: What You Need to Know

Helena McHugh Upholsterer